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Robert Harding Dives Deep Underwater

Robert Harding World Imagery are showcasing some of their spectacular photos of the world’s oceans. Their underwater photographer, Reinhard Dirscherl, a World Press Photo prize winner, has had adventures in a world that few have experienced. His oceanic subjects have included giant turtles off the coast of Hawaii, great whites in California and Atlantic sailfish off the Yucatan coast in Mexico, one image of which won a prize at the World Press Photo 2011.

Other recent subjects are the cream of their wonderful images of the Maldives, the precious ocean paradise that draws in thousands of visitors each year, yet whose future is at risk due to rising sea levels.

Harding also celebrate the global party starting this month in the world’s Catholic countries. Carnival encompasses public celebration, masquerade and an overturning of everyday life. Their photographers capture the most riotous and colourful of them all - including Venice, Viareggio, Nice and the king of all carnivals, Rio de Janeiro.


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Victorian Photographic Archives on Show
Exhibition of rapidly-changing London from 1839-1901

Taylor Swift Backs Down on Copyright
Singer accused of hypocrisy after extreme contract terms for photographers revealed

Travel Photographer of the Year Exhibition Opens
Award-winning travel images at the Royal Geographical Society in London

Exhibition of Shirley Baker's Social Documentary Photographs
Photographers' Gallery shows work by Mary Evans shooter

Published or Unpublished: Why Does it Really Matter Anyway?
Copyright lawyer Eric L. Register defines importance of US Copyright registration

Get the Most from Visual Connections New York 2015
New venue with more space available to deal and network

Booking Open for DMLA's 20th Annual Conference
Unplug, Connect and Engage - October 25th - 27th in New York

Rob Ball's Dreamlands
Exhibition using old photography technique of decaying amusement park

Travel Photographer of the Year Competition Open
Prizes for great travel photography

Visual Connections' Next Expo October 28th
New York is the venue for next event bringing together buyers and sellers of visual media

NPG Audrey Hepburn Exhibition 35 Rare Portraits of Cinema Icon
Her sons lend personal photographs from their collection for summer show

Photo London Shows Images from Around the World
Exhibition at Somerset House runs from 21st to 24th May

National Portrait Gallery Stages First Exhibition Of Giacometti Portraits
Famous surrealist sculptor worked on little-seen portraits during career

Unseen Pop Images Go On Show in Cardiff
NME photographer Chalkie Davies opens vaults with pictures of David Bowie, Chrissie Hynde, the Sex Pistols and others

Intriguing Exhibition The Chinese Photobook
The Photographers' Gallery shows off hidden world of Chinese photobook publishing

Early Colour Pictures on Display at the National Media Museum
Beautiful autochromes taken in 1913 by amateur photographer showing his daughter

Google Changes Search System to Benefit Mobile Platforms
Search algorhythm to feature websites that are easy to read on smartphones or tablets

fotofringe Opens Next Week
The stock photo industry's London trade fair is on 23rd April

National Portrait Gallery Stages First Display Of Charles Is Forgotten Painter Cornelius Johnson
Court artist rediscovered in new exhibition of his works

Photographers' Gallery Spring Exhibitions
A wide variety of events in different sectors of photography

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