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Instagram encroaches on Snapchat's turf of social media influencers, winning their hearts, minds and

"We saw a decline in viewership on Snapchat and an increase on Instagram," Markowitz told CNBC recently.
The shift mirrors the relentless rise of the Facebook-owned Instagram Stories platform since its launch nearly one year ago, costing Snapchat its popularity with a medium it largely pioneered.

In a space built on an instantly recorded video where two giants are slugging it out for users, is there room for both?
Instagram Stories continues to launch new features, including live video and allowing users to offer external links to their fan base. The additional features are prompting creators like Alex Crockford, a U.K.-based fitness influencer, to move 90 percent of his attention toward Instagram Stories over Snapchat.

"Bit by bit, I have seen my peers and social groups give up Snapchat and go totally [Instagram] stories, even ones that say they never would."

He’s not deleting his Snapchat account anytime soon, though. "The positives of my Snapchat followers is that they seem extremely loyal," he said. "They seem a bit more like a big family group."


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No, the Inflight Magazine isn't dead
Since they first started appearing in cabins 60 years ago, the inflight magazine has become an essential part of the flying experience for millions of passengers. But nowadays we have smartphones and Wi-Fi increasingly creeping onto planes. And with their emergence, many people are asking if the inflight magazine is going to disappear forever.

Why the advertising industry should cheer new rules on gender stereotypes
Britain’s advertising watchdog is introducing tough new standards, which could ban adverts which feature potentially harmful gender stereotypes. This could not have come at a better time for the industry. Companies have failed to see the evidence that’s been staring them in the face – and this ruling will push them down a path that should already be well worn.

Mind healing: Can you really boost your own creativity?
A recent study suggests a surprising way to boost your creative powers: use “switch-tasking”. Jackson Lu and colleagues at Columbia University asked participants to complete tasks involving convergent thinking (problem solving, Experiment 1) and divergent thinking (idea generating, Experiment 2).

Over 100 years later, photographer Alice Austen is finally being recognized as an LGBTQ icon
By all accounts, photographer Alice Austen was an extraordinary woman. Born into an affluent family on Staten Island in 1866, she challenged oppressive Victorian conventions by embracing individuality and independence.

Photographers and Photo Editors on the passion that drives their work
Why do they do it? Why do they wake up every morning ready to take photographs, to edit them, to publish them? Why is photography important to them and, by extension, to all of us?

Machine creativity beats some modern art
Creativity is one of the great challenges for machine intelligence. There is no shortage of evidence showing how machines can match and even outperform humans in vast areas of endeavor, such as face and object recognition, doodling, image synthesis, language translation, a vast variety of games such as chess... But when it comes to creativity, the machines lag well behind.

Hong Kong builds itself into a hub of creativity
Hong Kong has a reputation as a world-class center for finance, shipping and logistics. The metropolis is emerging as a capital of creativity and innovation.

The ethics of using AI in advertising
As an industry, advertising has long been obsessed with understanding human behaviour. The ability of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to transform vast amounts of complex, ambiguous information into insight is driving personal analysis into market behaviour.

Apple announces winners of the 10th iPhone Photography Awards
Apple has been marketing the iPhone as the ultimate camera smartphone since the first one rolled out. Last year’s iPhone 7 Plus introduced a dual camera sensor to the Apple flagship, initiating a wild trend of dual cameras on smartphones across all price ranges.

Photo-Sharing Phenom VSCO is teaching computers to interpret art like a human
Since launching in 2011, photo-sharing app VSCO has found a healthy niche among professional photographers and others looking to get feedback and improve their skills. On the surface, it offers an experience comparable to Instagram. But the idea is to share images as a way to connect with others and draw inspiration, not to increase your follower count or reach a certain number of likes, comments, or shares.

Guess who made computers the design tools they are today? Women
Virtually all design today involves a computer, but in the early age of digital design, most professionals perceived these new machines skeptically–they were devices meant for the military, not creatives. Today, that’s all changed due in large part to Susan Kare, Zuzana Licko, and April Greiman–three California designers who transformed the computer from an enigmatic machine into a powerful medium.

Branded content can't depend on creativity alone
More and more, marketers consider themselves brand storytellers. And at this point in the maturation of branded content, most of the energy seems to be focused on the creative—the sexy, award-winning side of the story. But can creativity alone move branded content into a full-grown piece of every marketer's channel strategy?

Customer Experience: all or nothing, Adobe's CEO tells Summit EMEA attendees
Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen opened the Adobe Summit EMEA show in London with a message that all businesses are now riding the experience wave. Customer experience is all or nothing, protecting the status quo is no longer an option.

Create your own energy
Imagine, innovate, inspire, express... just what is the elusive force that is creativity? Richard Buchanan, managing director and founder, The Clearing, on what creativity means to him.

Stronger privacy laws could save advertising from itself
Online advertising is terrible. Ads clutter your screen, slow down your computer, and drain your batteries. Publishers saddle pages with tracking technology that vacuums up your data so they can, ostensibly, serve you more relevant ads (though this practice really just leads to serious privacy concerns).

The Brexit challenges facing the creative industries
The Power of Creativity and Brexit paint a testing picture for the industry, with potentially huge impacts from changes to freedom of movement, loss of investment and funding and less access to markets after Brexit.

Book publishing in the digital age
In 2012, Thought Catalog Books was launched. There were two questions driving the identity of the book startup: In the age of algorithms and social media, can we create an enclave where creative and intellectual sophistication still matter? Can we build a publishing model where readers instead of advertisers are the main stakeholders?

The war on talent is over, and everyone lost
In 1998, after a year-long study on the subject, McKinsey researchers declared that a “war for talent” was underway. In the years ahead, they said, organizations’ future success would depend on how well they could attract, develop, and retain talented employees–an ever more valuable asset in ever higher demand.

From screen to paper: How three Twitter users put together a publishing house for emerging writers
"The world needs more storytellers, and that's the principle Timeline Publishers work on," says Akhil. While that might sound like the standard spiel of most publishing houses, it sounds entirely different coming from a student in the third year of his Engineering degree in Kerala.

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